Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

Come along and join our Ballroom & Latin American dancing sessions. Tuition given. Fantastic music. Great fun for all! Weekly on Tuesdays @ 2.00pm until 4.00pm.

Contact: Graeme 0787 432 7087  

Dance tuition – it’s got it all – great social fun, mental/physical exercise, personal satisfaction, group appreciation & encouragement.

Adventure awaits the brave with the pleasures of learning new skills or resurrecting old ones.

Ballroom dancing

Carpet Bowls

We are a group who like to have fun and conversation whilst playing carpet bowls. Novices very welcome.


  • Mondays @ 1.30 pm
  • Fridays @ 1.30 pm

Contact: John 01425 277553

Chi Kung/Qigong

This flowing practise can be used seated on a chair or standing. It mobilises your joints, strengthens your limbs and back while improving posture. Using repetitious smooth movements linked to deep breathing leads to a calm, peaceful state. This is based on oriental practice and reduces anxiety and muscular discomfort.

Contact: Karen 07786 304 105


  • Fridays @ 10:30am
  • Fridays @ 11.30am

Circle Dancing

Modern Circle Dance draws from traditional dances of many countries – eg Greece, Russia and France. Circle Dance is fun, giving gentle exercise to enjoyable music. We are a friendly group and always extend a warm welcome to newcomers. If you feel you would like to ‘have a try’ come along and see if you enjoy it. You may find you would like to join us.


  • Mondays @ 2.00pm

Contact: Nancy 01425 277920 or email (Click here)

Country Dancing

Do you want to exercise and socialise regularly? Come and dance with us on a Thursday evening.

Good company, great fun, no partner needed.


  • Thursdays @ 7.30pm

Contact: Jan 01202 427523 or email (Click here)


We are a small friendly and would welcome you to join us. We play every Tuesday for 2 hours with a tea break half way, and on Thursday evenings.

The games we play are 501, Mickey Mouse and Cricket.

Our aim is to enjoy our games and have some fun. We don’t always reach our target. Sometimes we play mixed teams, sometimes ladies and gents against each other. We have a waiting list as room space is very limited but are now playing twice per week.


Wendy (Tuesdays) 01425 271390

Brenda (Thursdays) 01425 278001



  • Tuesdays 1.00pm- 4.00pm
  • Thursdays at 7.00pm

Family History

Why not come and join our friendly group who enjoy learning about our ancestors. Help and advice is available with your personal family tree.


  • Pauline, either via Reception (01425 271604), or by email (CLICK HERE)

Meeting: 3rd. Monday of the month @ 2.00pm.

Indoor Kurling

Socialising with a fun game of indoor kurling. Suitable for all abilities, no bending, kneeling or stretching.

Contact: via Reception (01425 271604)


  • 1st. and 3rd. Thursdays @ 10:00am

ICT Help

Learn what MORE your Ipad, PC and phone can do for you.

No appointment necessary

Contact: Derek 07823 331 195


  • Wednesdays @ 11.00am

IT for Beginners.

This is a new group. For further details

Contact: Pauline 0770 219 8809



Legs, Bums, and Tums.

This is a new group, which, as it says on the tin (!) is self-explanatory.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 8th. March.


  • Tuesdays 9.00am

Contact: Pauline 0770 219 8809


Pilates is a form of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements, emphasising proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance; it is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the 1920s.


  • Wednesdays 8:45 am – 9:45am (Mat)



We play all year round.
  • This fun game is easy to play and is competitive without too much exertion.
  • If you think it is for you pop along on a Tuesday or give Carol A a call.


  • Tuesdays @ 1:00pm. Contact Carol A via Reception (01425 271604) and leave a message.
  • Wednesdays @ 1.30pm. Contact Bernard 075 7896 7622
  • Thursdays @ 1:30pm. Contact Mike 01425 280421
  • Fridays @ 10:00am. Contact Carol R 078 1270 5031
  • Fridays @ 1:00pm. Contact Carol A via Reception (01425 271604) and leave a message.

Click here to read or download simple Petanque rules


Meetings: Thursdays monthly at 10:30am in Room 11

The Photographic section has recently been re-established.

We invite you to bring your cameras or memory sticks along so our experts can advise on how to improve and edit our photographs.

We welcome new members.

Contact: Jeff Palmer (07970608011)

Table Tennis

For those of us with a more-energetic disposition, we have a Table Tennis Section, meeting three times a week, Mondays, Thursdays (excluding the 3rd. Thursday of the month), and Saturdays. If you’re feeling fit, or wish to get fit, come and join us.

Contact John: 01425 274813


  • Mondays @ 9.30am
  • Thursdays @ 9.30am (excluding 3rd. Thursday)
  • Saturdays @  9.30am

  • We can accommodate new members.
  • Come for a taster session.
Contact John


Yoga blends focus, concentration alongside breathing techniques. Diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial for health. We use flowing and static holding postures. Starting with floor work to improve core strength we move to standing then seated postures after balances.

This class finishes with a deep relaxation.


  • Mondays @ 11.30am – 1.00pm
  • Tuesdays @ 10.00am – 11.30am
  • Tuesdays @ 4.30pm – 6.00pm
  • Wednesdays @ 10.00am – 11.30am


  • Karen 077 8630 4105 (for Tuesday’s group @ 10.00am)
  • Debbie  075 2340 8368 (all other groups)

Are there any other activities that you feel might benefit the Community?

  • Please feel free to mention them to any member of the Executive Committee.