Nu.2.U Shop

Whatever the weather your shop has clothes to suit your pocket and the season.

There is easy access via the lift. Why not visit us on the first floor.

Nearly new clothes to suit all tastes

Shop Team: Angie, Mary, Chris, Hazel

The Shops raise funds for the HCA, Nu.2.U selling ladies clothes and accept donations or gifts of good-quality clothes for sale.

The Nu.2.U shop also accepts ladies clothes on a 50/50 basis from members (see below).

On Friday mornings non-members are welcome to visit the Shops and purchase selected items.

How does it work?

When you bring in a garment to the shop you either gift it to Greystones who receive all the money from the sale or try 50/50 where we agree a price for your items which are then on sale in the shop for two months. If sold within that time, you receive half the proceeds, the other half going to Greystones. If unsold you can retrieve your garment, or it is put up for sale at a reduced cost on the “Trust Sale Rail” when all proceeds go to the HCA; after this any unsold items are donated to charity.

The Nu.2.U shop also has a good complimentary accessory range.

The shops are situated on the 1st. Floor of Greystones House, and are accessible by lift. Both are open on Thursday afternoons at 1.15pm until closing time.

Trust Rail

Remember our ‘Trust Rail’ is available all hours with the same great quality items at super sale prices.


Opening Hours

Weekly Thursday @ 13:15 hrs to 16:00 hrs

Weekly Friday @ 09:30 hrs to 12:30 hrs


What do we sell?

  • 1. Womens clothes

  • 2. Mens clothes

  • 3. Accessories

  • 4. Jewellery