Greystones Library

Open Monday – Friday (9:30 am – 4:00 pm)

Greystones library contains a wonderful selection of paperbacks and hardbacks, audio books, reference books, DVDs and jigsaws

All individual items are available for a 3-week hire for 20p per item; if you wish to keep the item for longer then a further 20p must be put into the “Trust Box” (on the wall abobe the shelves which contain the 20p “For Sale” items.

We operate on a complete Trust System and people are no longer required to register the hired items.

FOR SALE ITEMS: There is a selection of books and puzzles for sale at 20p per item (into the Trust Box). PLEASE DO NOT RETURN any sale items as these are surplus to requirements.

RETURNED ITEMS: Please place in the appropriate container on the large round table.

COMMUNAL JIGSAW PUZZLE: There is a puzzle on the small table for anyone who would like a few pieces.


Barbara Griessel (Librarian)

ALL library items (books, CDs, DVDs etc) are only 20p per item (yes, your eyes do not deceive you!!

Items we offer

There is a good selection of DVDs and talking books

which can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks for 20p per item.

There is also a shelf of surplus books and jigsaws for sale at 20p per item.


Books & Jigsaws: On loan 3 weeks

20p per item

Audio books, music, CDs & DVDs: On loan 3 weeks

20p per item